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Keep It Pumping, a campaign by Novartis sheds light on heart failure and provides support to patients, while creating awareness among the general public.



CSI launches ‘Keep it Pumping’ campaign

The Cardiological Society of India (CSI) launched the ‘Keep it Pumping’ campaign as a part of its 68th annual conference at Kochi, to create awareness among patients and caregivers on heart failure.


Heart made of LEGOTM bricks travels to Bengaluru

Novartis launched the second leg of ‘Keep it Pumping’, for increasing understanding of heart failure. People were invited to donate their virtual heartbeats by visiting Forum Mall at Koramangala or Mantri Mall at Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.

Raising Heart Failure Awareness in Florence

We headed to Florence with our stunning LED heart to raise awareness of heart failure and collect your donated heartbeats. See highlights from the event by watching the video below.

You can also see this video on Youtube

Raising Heart Failure Awareness in Dublin

On European heart failure awareness day in May 2016, Keep It Pumping dropped into a shopping center in Dublin to raise awareness of heart failure. See how the day went by watching the video below.

You can also see this video on Youtube

Keep It Pumping supports American Heart Association walks

Keep It Pumping participated in 6 awareness walks in 2015. See how we provided heart-healthy education materials to all those involved.

Don’t fail your heart

Join us on a video journey about heart failure.

Putting our print on Italy

Keep It Pumping joined a special event in Rome, Italy. We teamed up with local artists to create a fun and innovative symbol of awareness. You can see pictures of the event on the Keep It Pumping Facebook page and watch a video of the event below.

Toy-brick heart stop: Basel

Novartis continued the toy-brick heart project at its campus in Basel for European Heart Failure Awareness Day. The heart sculpture took shape, brick by brick, all for heart failure awareness. Watch the video to learn more!