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Quick guides on caring for heart failure

A Quick Guide to Living with Heart Failure brochure

The first step to taking the best care of yourself is understanding your disease. This brochure provides a clear explanation of heart failure and its causes and symptoms. Read about the different levels of heart failure and find out where you are in the progression of this disease.

Use this brochure to help understand your treatment options, too. There are even tips for taking your medicine every day.

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A Quick Guide to Caring for Someone with Heart Failure brochure

Are you a significant person in the life of someone living with heart failure? This brochure was written for you. This simple reference guide on heart failure may help you understand your loved one’s needs better, and your own.

Caring for someone with heart failure can be an emotional challenge. In this brochure you can find some suggestions for taking care of yourself while caring for your loved one.

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