About Keep It Pumping

Through awareness activities, educational content and social communities, Keep It Pumping is a worldwide effort to support and enable people with heart failure to lead better lives.

If you have heart failure, or care for someone who does, Keep It Pumping is here for you.

We are committed to:

  1. Raising awareness of heart failure
  2. Educating people about heart failure
  3. Providing tools and resources to enable those living with heart failure to manage their condition

The more people understand heart failure, the more chance we have of changing its course forever.

Let’s Keep It Pumping and let’s beat heart failure!

Novartis is committed to people with heart failure

Novartis is dedicated to finding new ways to help people live better, longer lives. We research, develop, and manufacture drugs that treat many conditions, including heart failure.

At Novartis, we believe that all people deserve access to good health care. We are committed to giving patients health education and information about the medicines they take.